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FairyTale VR is an immersive, animated virtual reality experience that reimagines a series of classic fairy tales to reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of modern families. The VR fairy tales change in real time to tell the story with a family that looks more like yours.

Our first VR film is “Curlylocks and the Three Baahs.” When a father tells his precocious daughter the bedtime story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she questions its anglo European conventions and then begins to change the elements of the story to fit her culture and her fancy. Not only is there a new moral for Goldilocks, but a hidden moral for the Daughter as well.

Ultimately, through our “Culturize Engine”, we will provide our users with the ability to select their heritage, nationality, skin tone, and gender expression through the use of “culture modules” to further modify the fairy tale to fit any culture. The culture modules will change the story in the fairy tale as well as the appearance of the characters for a truly interactive VR Film.

Walk Cycle Test v2.0 Three Bears characters for "FairyTale VR presents CurlyLocks and the Three Baahs." Tests modeled, cleaned, rigged, animated character models for Three Bears with walk cycles, facial animation, story gestures, and audio synced dance animation.

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