David Negrin

Assistant Professor, VR Director, Screenwriter, Non-Profit Founder

Curriculum Vitae – July  2018



Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School of Communications, Department of Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts

Hofstra University, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Department of Radio, Television, and Film

The New School, School of Public Engagement, School of Media Studies


David Negrin is a professor, VR director, screenwriter, and non-profit founder. He is Assistant Professor of Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.  He has worked previously as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Radio, Television, Film at Hofstra University's Lawrence Herbert School of Communication and as a Part-Time Lecturer in the School for Media Studies at The New School. His research in the area of new media includes: virtual reality, transmedia storytelling, and immersive theater. He was Executive Director and Head Instructor of the NYC Screenwriters Collective, the largest non-profit screenwriting workshop in New York City. He is the Host of "The Script" Podcast and Moderator of @ScriptFeed. David is an alumnus of the Bronx High School of Science, SUNY Buffalo, and CUNY Brooklyn College.



M.F.A. Cinema Arts, 2018

Brooklyn College, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, NY

B.S. Computer Science, 1998

The University at Buffalo, NY


Additional Credentials:

Third Rail Projects – Studied directing immersive performance, group dynamics, and sensory experience at Third Rail Projects.

Juror and Moderator – Greenwich International Film Festival, 2016 (PRESS)

Head Instructor – NYC Screenwriters Collective 2007-2015 (VIDEO)

Keynote Speaker – Adorama Speaker Series, The Screenwriter’s Collective Method, 2015

Moderator – Eventsy Panel, The Slow Painful Death of Storytelling, 2015   (VIDEO)

Writer  –  NYC Film Race Contest, Lotto Love, 2007   

Juror  –  NYC Midnight Film Competitions, 2005, 2006              



Assistant Professor, Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts, Ithaca College                                              2018-Present

Design and teach courses in writing for Film, Television, and emerging media. Integrate film studies with computer science and strategic communications. Teach VR storytelling and production, immersive storytelling, Unity platform development. Develop and teach courses in Writing For Screen Media, Structuring The Feature Film, and New Telecommunications Technologies.


Adjunct Assistant Professor,  Department of Radio, Television and Film, Hofstra University                          2013–2018

Develop and teach courses in Foundations of Television and Web Media Writing, Advanced Television Writing – The Sitcom and 1 Hour Drama; consulted with the Department Personnel Committee to modify the curriculum and add courses of study to emphasize TV writing in the Bachelor of Arts track; advisor for multiple student’s independent studies; internship program faculty sponsor; faculty advisor to student club on stand-up comedy; juror for Hofstra Student Film Festival screenwriting contest.


Part-Time Lecturer, School of Media Studies, The New School                                                                    2016–2018

Develop and teach courses on the introduction to writing for the screen, intermediate and advanced feature film writing, and sitcom writing; consulted with the Dean of the School of Media Studies to redesign the screenwriting certificate program and undergraduate degree programs to integrate television writing and feature film writing tracks.


Head Instructor and Founder, NYC Screenwriters Collective (NYCSC)                                                        2007–2015

Designed curricula and taught more than 150 instructor-led screenwriting workshops on Feature Film Script Analysis, TV Script Analysis, and Feature Film Genre Analysis for thriller, comedy, and horror; designed and developed a custom script development program and workshop methodology; designed training materials and led training sessions for instructors of our collaborative screenwriters workshops.


Academic Courses:

  • Introduction to Writing for the Screen

  • Writing for Screen Media

  • Foundations of Television and Web Media Writing

  • Script Analysis

  • Structuring the Feature Film

  • Screenwriting 2: Writing the Screenplay

  • Sitcom Writing 2: Writing A Full Script

  • New Telecommunications Technologies

  • Screenwriting 3: Rewrite and Polish

  • Advanced Television Writing: The Sitcom

  • Advanced Television Writing: The 1 Hour Drama

  • Television Shows & Showrunners: Trailblazers & Diversity in Television

  • The West Wing vs. The Real Thing - Honors Seminar

  • Writing the Late Night Comedy Writers Packet (IS)

  • Writing an Original Drama Series Pilot (IS)

LINK: Full Course Descriptions


Faculty Advisor: to Park School Innovation Lab at Ithaca College. Coordinated and advised students on Virtual Reality & 360 Video projects, oversaw equipment use, demos, and day to day project feedback. Collaborated with the Instructional Media Lab to provide new media production services as well as tech support for the core instructional tools.

Internship Faculty Advisor: Advised students before and during their Internship Placement and maintained ongoing communication with site managers; supported and built connections with production companies in the world of cable television and late night comedy.

Independent Study Advisor: Independent TV writing projects including: Writing the Late Night Comedy Writers Packet, Writing the Semi-Scripted Television Comedy Series,  and Writing and Producing a Serial Web Series.

Faculty Advisor: to HaHa Hofstra, student club focused on stand-up comedy performance, integrated events with the course Advanced Television Writing: The Sitcom.

Coordinator: for SP!T, student club dedicated to spoken word and dramatic slam poetry, integrated events with the course Advanced Television Writing: The 1 Hour Drama.

Co-Curricular Engagement Projects:

Co-Teacher: Curriculum integration of student’s writing assignments from my Advanced Television Writing: The Sitcom course for production projects for a companion Television Directing course. Co-taught on bridging the writing and directing processes to prepare a script for production while preserving its essence and evolving the story for camera.

Guest Faculty Advisor: to student run club Thursday Nite Live (TNL), counseled student producers and advised our student writers, directors, and performers on the comedy writing process.  Strict professional standards enforced on every live TNL show to demonstrate how to build skill sets, morale, and confidence.

Juror:  Hofstra Student Film Festival screenwriting contest.

Teaching Assistant, Production I Workshop: Professor Sarah Cawley, Production I Workshop, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, 2015. Built cameras, lighting packages, sound equipment, calibrated LUTs and organized media as digital intermediate technician (DIT).

Founder, Treasurer of Feirstein Student Organization (FSO): Helped found and served as an officer for the first student government at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College.


Professional Filmmaking:

Virtual Reality Director, Project Lead – “FairyTale VR” (VR Film)                                      In Development

Brooklyn,  NY (In partnership with Malt Maker Media & Sava Learn.)

As Virtual Reality Director led a multi-disciplinary team of animators, texture artists, 3D modelers, riggers and software developers to conceptualize, prototype, playtest, and design a virtual reality film using: Unity Game Engine (scripting in C#), Blender, Tilt Brush, Blocks, Mixamo, and Adobe Creative Suite for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and GearVR platforms.  (See FairyTale VR Outline, Read FairyTale VR Blog)

Logline: A series of classic fairy tales retold in an interactive VR experience and reimagined to reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of modern families.

Virtual Reality Co-Director, Screenwriter – “Mission To India” (VR Documentary)                               In Development

New York, NY  (In partnership with The Moth & Kokowa Inc.)

As Virtual Reality Co-Director led a team of animators, texture artists, 3D modelers, and riggers to conceptualize, prototype, playtest, and design a virtual reality environment and interactive experience using: Unity Game Engine (scripting in C#), Blender, and Adobe Creative Suite for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and GearVR platforms. As screenwriter adapted the short story originally written by Dr. George Lombardi.

Logline: A young doctor embarks upon a dreamlike journey to perform a medical miracle upon an international icon. His life-or-death mission raises the question: How do science and spirituality co-exist?

Screenwriter – “Eros Bureau”  (Original TV Series)                                                                                     In Development

Los Angeles, CA  (Director, Peter Hewitt BAFTA, DGA, WGA; Showrunner David N. Titcher WGA)

Co-writer of pilot and series bible for the original one hour drama series “Eros Bureau” based on a concept by Director Peter Hewitt (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Garfield) and Producer Jordan Finnegan (Best Man Holiday). In active development with Showrunner Producer David N. Titcher (The Librarians, Houdini & Doyle) at Agency for Performing Arts (APA).

Series Logline: A love-jaded math genius is recruited by a spy mistress into a clandestine organization whose sole purpose is the business of love. Mentored by a mysterious billionaire he becomes a member of the elite ‘Soul Mates Division’ whose mission is to overcome all enemies and obstacles for one goal: to help people fall in love. (Action/Adventure Romance)


Screenwriter – “At Wit’s End”  (Original TV Series, In Development)                                                       NYC Media, AAFL

New York, NY

Co-creator and Screenwriter of the original ½ Hour Comedy series “At Wit’s End” in active development with the Asian American Film Lab for production and distribution through NYC Media, the official TV network and media production entity of New York City.

Series Logline: A tortured comic channels his family tragedy into material while struggling to succeed in the minor leagues of the stand-up comedy world in downtown New York City. (Comedy)


Screenwriter – “Den of Thieves”  (Feature Film Script, In Development)                                                   In Development

New York, NY / London, UK

Co-writer of original feature length Crime/Supernatural Thriller script “Den of Thieves” written on spec.

Logline: When two rival gangs pull off separate heists on the same day, they must overcome their differences while laying low in the same safe house, until they realize the house itself may be a bigger danger than the thieves inside it. (Crime/Supernatural Thriller)


Screenwriter – “Ernie Cobb”  (Feature Film Script, Re-write)                                                      Parkway Productions Inc.

Los Angeles, CA  (Director Penny Marshall, DGA, PGA)

Executed full re-write and polish on the feature length biopic “Ernie Cobb” for Parkway Productions, the production company of award winning Producer/Director Penny Marshall (A League of Their Own, Big). Supervised by Creative Executive Chris Drummond (Single Hills).

Logline: The true story of the 1978 Boston College NCAA point shaving scandal that cost one innocent player his NBA career. (Sports Drama)


Screenwriter, Producer – “The Extraordinary Verses”  (Feature Film, Web Series, Transmedia Property)

New York, NY

Screenwriter of "The Extraordinary Verses", a Cyberpunk Thriller web series and feature film.  Developed the scripts, produced the web series, and designed the alternate reality game (ARG) for this transmedia project.

Logline: To find her missing sister, a homeless street girl must enter the world of underground NYC hacker gangs to unravel the mystery of the “Extraordinary Verses”, a cryptic poem that holds an apocalyptic secret for the future of New York City. (Cyberpunk Thriller)


Screenwriter – “Alpha & Omega”  (Feature Film Script)                                                         

New York, NY

Screenwriter of the original feature length Action/Adventure Fantasy script "Alpha & Omega" written on spec.

Logline: An outcast leads his lost tribe of Angels to survive a dangerous world, build paradise, and raise the armies of Heaven against his elder brother, a demon lord destined to conquer it all. A retelling of The Book of Genesis & The Book of Revelation. (Action/Adventure Fantasy)


Professional Theater:

Playwright, Producer – “Revolution Song”  (Musical, Stage Play, Book)                  Arcade44.tv                 New York, NY (Dir. Fataah Dihaan)

Co-writer of the stage play and book for “Revolution Song,” an independent theater project that has been through several staged readings and workshopped into a musical as a private project of the Arcade44 channelzine.  

Story: When terrorism leads to a nationwide art ban, America is left without music for 20 years, radicalizing the youth culture and giving birth to a new civil rights movement whose tenets are: dance resistance, spray paint freedom, and sing out justice!


Playwright – “Onward To The Edge”  (Musical, Book & Lyrics)                               Symphony of Science                New York, NY

Developed the musical, wrote book and lyrics for “Onward To The Edge” in collaboration with composer John Boswell for Symphony of Science.

Story: The son of an astronaut must learn the importance of scientific discovery and space exploration after his father is killed in a space shuttle disaster.


Playwright, Director – “Theft Of Imagination”  (Stage Play)                                    The Players Theater                   New York, NY

“Theft Of Imagination” enjoyed an acclaimed four week Off Broadway run at The Players Theatre in Greenwich Village. It was produced by Are The Fish Happy? Theater as part of the “Peace On War Theatrical Forum”.

Story: Two young boys from opposing cultures are chosen as ambassadors to broker a peace between their warring nations. It explores the role of paternal and fraternal relationships in perpetuating cyclical violence culture; fictionalizing intricacies of diplomatic negotiation and elements from the Israeli/Palestinian, Northern Ireland, and Rwandan conflicts.


Arts Non-Profit:

Executive Director, Head Instructor              NYC Screenwriters Collective                        New York, NY                                 2007 – 2015

Founder and Executive Director – The NYC Screenwriters Collective is the largest non-profit screenwriting workshop in New York City with more than 3,500 members. The mission of the NYCSC is to teach the craft of screenwriting and to propel our members to success in the business of writing for film and television. NYC Screenwriters Collective (NYCSC) specializes in script analysis workshops, film and screenwriting special events, and enabling networking opportunities for New York area pre-professional and working screenwriters. Strategic responsibilities included defining the organization’s mission, hiring staff, and interfacing with Board of Directors. Day-to-day responsibilities included scheduling workshops, guest lecturers, screenings, panels, cross promotions. Established partnerships with Tribeca Film Festival, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT), and the Asian American Film Lab (AAFL).

Head Instructor – Designed curricula and taught more than 150 screenwriting workshops, developed custom script development process, trained instructors in script development, trained interns in script coverage. The custom script development process combines the academic workshop, instructor-led Socratic discussion, studio development practices, and a collaborative “writers room” engine for a unique script analysis approach that is creatively supportive and industry aware.

Producer, Host “The Script” Podcast – Official podcast of the NYCSC delivers the deepest story analysis anywhere on the internet from our best screenwriters and instructors. Thoughtful and entertaining discussion on the latest films, cutting edge screenplays, and current events in film and television from a screenwriter’s perspective.  (450,000 downloads to date.)

Moderator @ScriptFeed – Official twitter feed of the NYCSC providing a single source of curated blogs, articles, and interviews for aspiring and working screenwriters on the craft of screenwriting and current events in film & television.


Information Technology:

Research Analyst, IT Manager, Network Architect                                                           2000 – 2012

12 years working in information technology as a Network Architect, IT Manager, and Research Analyst for both startup and Fortune 500 companies including Deutsche Bank, TD Waterhouse, EMC, and Gartner Research.

  • Tech Research - Wrote competitive analysis research for server hardware performance analysis and network architecture at Gartner Research, the world's No. 1 technology research firm.

  • Network Engineering - Ran a Linux research laboratory for testing big data analytics and high frequency trading technologies at Oktay Technologies. Storage Area Networks solutions architect at DellEMC.

  • System Administration - Systems architect for several Fortune 500 companies specializing in systems administration, network design, and systems programming.

  • Programming Languages: C, C#, Perl, VB, Unix Shell


Community Service:

Patient and Family Advisor Volunteer – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center           Manhattan, NY             2016 – Present

Memorial Sloan Kettering offers patients in active treatment as well as their family members the chance to speak with former patients and caregivers through the Patient-to-Patient Support Program. Patient and family advisors are members of the Memorial Sloan Kettering community who are committed to representing the patient and family experience. They also represent the patient and family perspective on many committees, including Patient Safety, Ethics, and Patient and Caregiver Education, and participate in focus groups to discuss new hospital initiatives.


Alumni Volunteer – “Project Accepted: Bronx Science”                Bronx, NY                                2016, 2017

Project Accepted is an annual program where students meet with Bronx High School of Science alumni for personalized help on how to prepare, practice and finesse their interview skills, develop their personal brand and hone their strategy for applying to college.